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Though these 2 things may seem unlikely friends, we believe that by understanding both, you can maximize their greatest strengths. 

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As an auto dealership, you have unique needs that your phone system should address. You need a phone system that will help improve accountability for your Business Development Center (BDC) and Internet departments, allow for communication on-the-go, and that gives you the features for an affordable price. That might sound like a pipe dream, but it’s not. With a Jive Hosted VoIP system, you will get all of those things you need for the right price.

Affordable Price

At Jive, we aren’t out to nickel and dime you for every little feature. In fact, our goal is the opposite. We hope to provide you with as many features as we can for the same affordable price. Jive will empower your dealership to capitalize more on important phone ups and make your dealership’s communications more agile with our cutting edge features.


Having trouble converting precious phone ups? With Jive Voice, your managers will be able to use customized call reports to follow up with your sales team—making sure that they actually reach out to each phone up. Accountability is huge for healthy BDC and Internet Departments. Let your phone system help facilitate the accountable environment at your dealership.


With a Jive Voice Hosted VoIP phone system, you will never miss an important call again. Have access to your business phone via your mobile device with the Jive Mobile app or have Find Me/Follow Me settings forward phone calls to a phone near you. Either way, Jive increases the mobility of your employees and prepares them to answer important calls on-the-go.

Jive for Auto Dealerships

Jive will improve your dealership, but not just in the ways mentioned. Check out the infographic below to learn about how a Jive Hosted VoIP phone system will help improve the overall ROI of your dealership.


IT technology

Do you expect your IT administrator to handle daily computer issues as well as maintain your servers and network? If so, you’re not alone. Countless dealerships like yours have tried to adopt this strategy in a noble attempt to keep costs down. However, what they have discovered, and what you may not have considered, is that you just might be setting your dealership up for some serious IT downtime that will negatively impact your bottom line. But you can safeguard against this with dedicated help desk and remote support.

IT Technology


We’ll work with your specific needs while maintaining clear communication from the beginning of the creative design stage to the final touches on the installation. With over 15 years of sign and vinyl graphics experience, above all, we will be on time and on budget with your signs, wraps and graphics needs! Call us for all your interior and exterior business signs, as well as your commercial fleet or personal vehicle graphics needs!

In other words, bring us your ideas, we’ll bring them to Life!


Digital marketing


Your customers — and search engines like Google — are looking for fresh, helpful content from your website.

With our search engine optimization (SEO) service, we will:

  • Review and optimize your current pages.
  • Create topical blog posts and landing pages that attract and convert new visitors.
  • Establish your store as a trusted resource in your community by increasing your presence on Google and other search engines.

Digital marketing